Brighton 48 hour Film Challenge

Easter 2010

The YAM team took a residential trip to Brighton for a 48 hour film challenge. We wrote, shot and edited a short live action film in just two days!

bethwin wall animation project

Summer 2009

YAM made an animation by capturing the process of painting a mural at the Bethwin Road Playground. These workshops were led by Betsy Dadd and Alison McCloskey and the artists were the young yammers and local young people.

Tim, Bird and The Two Bobs Wall Animation Project

Easter 2009

Tim, Bird and The Two Bobs was the result of an intensive Easter Holiday animation workshop led by Betsy Dadd. Inspired by the work of wall artists, we used dry wipe boards to create this imaginative piece.

YAM on RYE Film Festival

YAM on Rye Film Festival

We also run an annual Film Festival, 'YAM ON RYE' which showcases the films we and other local young filmmakers produce.